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Toronto Birth Photography Calla Evans Midwife Sunnybrook Home BirthPINWhy would I want a photographer at my birth?

The simple answer is: so everyone else can be as emotionally and physically present as possible.

Hiring a birth photographer means that your partner, your parents, and anyone else present at your birth can be fully with you at every moment, not away from you taking photographs of your newest addition.  After the baby is born, it can feel like time is speeding by.  You’re riding a high of excitement and you will want to remember meeting your little one; the first cries, little toes and gorgeous eyes; all the weighing and measuring and cuddling going on.  Hiring a professional photographer means that all of those amazing firsts will be documented by beautiful photographs, with both you and your partner in the picture.

How much will you photograph?  What if I don’t want to show “everything?”

Hiring a professional birth photographer means just that – you are hiring a professional.  I meet with every mother-to-be before their birth day to go over expectations, birth plan, etc.  I want you to feel completely comfortable with me and my approach to photography.  I strive to be as inconspicuous as possible, always respecting you, your partner, your midwives/doctors and the space you’ve created.  If at anytime you are not comfortable with me in the room, I will step out, no questions asked.  If you prefer, I can photograph the delivery from your vantage point.  Almost all my clients tell me they have no idea I’m even in the room!


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How long do you spend at a birth?  When do we get in touch with you once labour starts?

I take a limited number of births per month to ensure my availability.  From the time that you are 38 weeks along until your baby arrives, I am on call 24/7.  I arrive when you are in active labour and stay for an hour or two after the baby is born.  If you have any special requests in terms of timing (family members coming from out of town, siblings arriving to meet their new brother or sister) we can work that into your contract.

What happens if I go into labour before 38 weeks?  What happens if you miss my birth?

If you go into labour before 38 weeks I will make every effort to be there and photograph your birth.  My cell phone never leaves my side and my cameras are always charged, even when I’m not on call.  In the unlikely event that I miss your birth, you will be offered a newborn family portrait session or a full refund.  If hospital policies or an emergency situation means I’m unable to photograph the delivery, you will still receive a complete set of images from after your birth.

What sort of packages do you offer?  How will I receive my images?

Birth photography packages start at $1100 and fresh 48 packages start at $850.  All packages include a private online gallery and a public slideshow for you to share.  All packages include hi res digital files and some include products such as coffee table books and flushmount albums.  Portrait photography sessions start at $550.  Please contact me for a full price list.

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